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Charcuterie Wood Board - Bismillah Alhamdolillah

Charcuterie Wood Board - Bismillah Alhamdolillah

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Arabic-themed Wood Serving Board – a refined addition to your home that seamlessly merges functionality with profound cultural significance.

Adorned with elegant Arabic calligraphy, engraved are the words "In this house, we start with Bismillah and end with Alhamdolillah." Beyond mere script, this phrase serves as a daily reminder to commence every endeavor with the name of Allah and conclude it with heartfelt gratitude. Perfect for infusing a touch of reverence into your daily routine and especially fitting for elevating the ambiance of your Ramadan and Iftaar gatherings.

Imagine showcasing a variety of delectable treats on this exquisite board during Iftaar – dates, fruits, and other culinary delights. The Arabic script adds a layer of sophistication, transforming your spread into a visual masterpiece. More than just a serving board, it becomes a conduit for mindfulness and spiritual reflection in your home.

Post-Ramadan, this wood serving board maintains its place as a timeless centerpiece for your dining experiences, enhancing every meal with a touch of tradition and elegance. Share the joy of breaking bread with loved ones, with a reminder of the values that define your household.

Celebrate the beauty of Muslim culture and the significance of Ramadan with our meticulously crafted Wood Serving Board. Beyond its functional utility, it becomes an emblem of refinement, making a lasting statement in your home for years to come.


Length - 18 inches, including handle.
Width - 8 inches.
Thick - 3/4th inch.



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